The growth is online!

Written by Nick1 on February 27th, 2015

There’s a reason why so many startups are launched in the online environment!

Some of the biggest businesses in the world, like Airbnb, Uber, Google are an investor’s dreams regardless of the metric you are watching: Profit Margin, Users, Revenue…

Their growth is unbelievable because they came up with an awesome product!

There’s no other way to put it: Best growth is happening online but as more and more companies are realizing this, the more and more the online will be less effective.

But I want to focus on 1 thing: why there’s still so much growth that can be achieved within this media?

In my opinion, the reason why online is such a great machine is because it increases efficiency!

Lets take each of the companies named above:

  • Airbnb – improves efficiency of rooms occupancy
  • Uber – improves efficiency of usage for normal cars owned by normal people
  • Google – improves the efficiency of finding/researching a subject

Ok, so you’ve probably understood until now why a business that’s focused on efficiency is a healthy, profitable business, but there’s another reason why the internet is such a revolution to doing business, and that’s it connects people faster, easier and cheaper! And if you’ve been doing businesses for a bit of time you need there’s only 1 thing that will make or brake your business: Customers aka people – buying your stuff.

Best trend right now if you want to grow your business online is without a doubt: Video! I’ll talk more about this very soon.

Related to video marketing, i will also talk about the 3 main trends that will impact our future in a big big way!


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