Why Youtube will disrupt every business in the world?

Written by Nick1 on February 28th, 2015

Youtube’s number of users is growing every day and I believe this media will disrupt every kind of business, big or small, in any niche, retail, ecommerce, real estate, auto.

I’ve seen some big successes in the ecommerce field, where an online store makes 1 million dollars in profit per year by using Youtube to the fullest.

But why?

Because online attention span is diminishing every day, and a video, packed with information and entertainment is the surest way to get more of someone’s attention.

People are lazy, and they don’t want to read pages and pages of content. Instead they want to click a button and have everything delivered to them in nice pictures that are easy to watch.

Now, the right question is: How do you take advantage of this untapped client source for your business?

Will you start educating your audience through a nice Youtube channel?

Will you start creating funny videos to try to attract your younger potential clients?

Will you combine them both?

There’s no safe, sure, answer – you need to test it and choose the best option that fits your business.

You could use CurveCreative’s video creation services or if you want another good article on this subject, you could also read Explainer Videos & Youtube = Awesome promotion, one of their articles on the subject.


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